Chicks, Man.

My family is, for lack of a better term, a gyn-ocracy.  The women outnumber men two to one. It is more than likely to find the men huddled around the TV trying to stay out of our way.

I take something from each woman in my family and plan to try my damnedest to keep parts of them in my life and family for as long as I can.

Aunt Linda- She taught me that someone has to take the reins and pull everthing and everyone together. She has hosted every Christmas and Thanksgiving since my Grandmother stopped being able to. She is also teaching me that as much as I hope and pray for boys when I start procreating, girls fill a special place (she has two boys and I was the first niece. Do you know how much pink she used to buy me?)

Aunt Tracy- Tracy teaches 1 st grade. She taught me grammar and art projects are the cornerstones of childhood. Also, she’s the only genetic link I have to anxiety. Her differnces from the rest of the family are many, but she always plays up her strengths. She taught me its okay to not be the same.

Aunt Phyllis- She made me a ball buster. I don’t take crap if I can help it and she taught me to be vocal about what I want or need.

Grandma Ruth- She’s the reason the name we chose to be our married name is hers. She taught me to make pancakes. She is still teaching me to listen more and give advice less. She lets me cry. She makes me laugh. She’s my friend and the best woman I know.

Joni- She taught me to laugh. Loudly and often. And that no road-trip is the same without Meatloaf and Billy Joel. She’s my mother and she is the centerpiece of my life.


With the holidays coming I’m getting ready to submerge myself in hours and hours of time with the women who made me who I am. I hope that when they see me, they think I’m doing them justice.


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