You know…Stuff.

I have essentially been thinking about a whole lot of nothing for the past week.

What should I get my cousins for Christmas?

Should I make individual paper turkeys for all my co-workers this year?

What happens when I'm bored. Themed turkeys.

Which cookies should I make for training class?

When should Kirby get groomed next?

Should we open a bank CD for each kid after we have them? What about an IRA, should we open that after the wedding or before? Should I stick with my bank or should I use the one I work for?

So, you know, that’s what’s going on over here. I’m just floating on a cloud of contentedness until something shoots me out of the sky (honestly, that could be any day now).  But until then I’m embroidering …

I hand stitched these...

Kirby has claimed them as his own.

and cooking……

Apple cinnamon pancakes? Yes

while dancing around to Glee.

How have you been?


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