Mmm Mmm Good

At this moment I am listening to the furious bubbling of my Grandmother’s soup on the stove. I have a throw pillow ready to stuff and sew close on my left and a bag of fun new stuff from JoAnn fabrics on my right. The painting on the wall was found next to a dumpster this spring and some how our circa 1996 television is sill working along with our 1998 Camry.

As of Monday Jason and I will have lived in our apartment  for 1 year. It’s the first placed we have lived together and we have no plans to move unless it’s to Colorado.

Let’s take a look some highlights from the last year!

Marla the Camry stumbled onto her last legs

13 ft of snow. An almost record breaking blizzard.

Ya wanna get married? Eh, sure, why not.

Sweet jesus that's cute.

Scrabble rule 1: First person to laugh until they cry losses.

It’s good to be home.


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