Once upon a TIme…

I used to write. I wrote about things that made me smile and confused the rest of you (who ever you may be….whom? whom ever? fuck it….). Somehow, the very essence of writer fuel dried up.

Nothing was happening.

No one was doing crazy things, I got better at my job, Jason and I spent more time alone than together (thank you opposite work schedules!) and Kirby continued to be fluffy. I settled quickly into a boring rut filled with Charmed marathons and 5:30 am wake up calls.

But that was then.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s Fall. The air is crisp as the apples on the trees, pumpkin flavoring is everywhere and scarves are a requirement not an ironic fashion statement.

This season fills me with a sense of adventure. I feel awake and ready to take off running at every moment. It’s a time to gather people you love close to you and lapse into sugar comas without bitching about the calories.

My point is, things are happening. You can look forward to posts about:

Me learning to sew.

Adventures in new vegetables.

Buying a second car.

And as always, the weird shit my family does in the name of bonding. In fact, look for that last one on Monday.

Glad to back!


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