Make All the Things!

There are times when I have a yearning. An all encompassing need. It calls to me from behind my computer screen. It shouts at me from store fronts. It is ever prestent.

I wish I were a crafter.

I want to make things! Useful things, cool looking things, things that have a color scheme!

I tried knitting when I was in high school. I successfully make a purple square. I put it down and picked it back up sophomore year of college. I successfully made a larger and longer red rectangle. I have since dropped knitting like a hot potato. Now I itch for yarn and the steady clicking of needles.

Being a Capricorn, I’m a natural worrier and am plagued with practicality. However, being born on the cusp of Sagittarius makes me impulsive.  I could plan out the perfect craft, get the supplies and lose intrest in it all in one day. I’m not thrilled with spending non-refundable money on well thought out whims.

Where should all this “make-all-the-things” energy go? It beats the hell out of me.


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