Absence Makes the Heart Whiny and Demanding.

I have not posted in ages because I have not been able to drag myself off the couch and out of the ennui coma.

I haven’t seen Jason in 3 days.

His work schedule has decided to be the most inconvenient thing ever. He has school (that started on Monday) every Tuesday and Thursday all day. His job, scheduled him to start work those days a good hour and a half before he gets out. Not to mention the two daytime shifts he they gave him. All together he works 38 hours this week. He’s only supposed to be getting between 15 and 25.

What this all means is that my mom has been taking me too work and picking me up. I see Jason long enough to say “Bye babe, I’m leaving.”, exchange an “I love you” and hit the road. When I get home, he’s gone and the it’s just me and Kirby.

Yesterday I snapped. I had things to say and I needed a hug god dammit! I called Jason on my break and wailed “I do not like this! I miss you! Work is stupid! Waaaaaah!”

Then I felt slightly better. Things go back to normal at home next week. Work however, is never normal and we’ve got some big stuff coming up.


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