Business Trip

business trip– noun, defined as an instance when your significant other is asked to deal with your private areas for the sake of triage gynecology or other pseudo-medical reasons.
Example: Jason, my tampon string broke. I need you to go on a business trip.
We’re making a baby, not a porno. This is business, not pleasure.

My thighs aren’t used to wearing underwear and legitimate pants all day. I’ve spent all summer in pajama shorts  and tank tops. Work clothes, while they make me feel like an adult with confidence and a certain poise, are not as airy and comfortable as the free-ball-y state that pj’s are. I literally have bruises running up and down the inside of my legs. Jason, wonderful man that his is, was willing to take a look.

“I need you to control yourself. I’m in pain and I can’t see what hurts.” Next thing I know my legs are in the air while Jason pokes at the various achy spots before putting bandaids on them.

Trust me, I’m more scarred than he is.


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