Impromptu Sabbatical

Hey, I have a blog!
Whoops. Must have slipped my mind.

But in my defense I have a good reason, several good reasons.

I got a job. A legitimate job with benefits and everything! I work for a temp agency that places people within the biggest insurance company in the town where I live. This company is also a nationally known. Certain branches of this company tend to hire from within and do a lot of temp-to-hire placements. My mom works here. Her friends work here. My old boss who I nannied for works here. All of her friends work here. There are entire families that work here. Parents meet here, they have babies, the babies grow up and WORK HERE! This is huge.

Especially since…

I am not going back to school in the fall. I made the decision back in May that if I got a job before school started I wasn’t going back. I have been less than crazy about college since freshman year ended and can’t see myself being able to go back and keep my sanity. Another year of feeling like the only adult at an eight years olds birthday party would break me. Besides, a job in this economy is safer then a degree (and that’s what I’m going to tell objecting family members).

And the extra money from working will come in handy for, you know, my WEDDING! Which is happening in exactly 1,182 days. If I can save $2,500 a year for 3 years, there’s my budget right there. Not impressive, I know, but I want to get married, not go into debt. Student loans have taken care of that, thank you very much.

I feel as if for the first time I have a direction in life, not just a sitting-in-the-dentist-waiting-room kind of feeling. The magazines are old, the smell is weird, and Fox News is on way too loud! Jesus, anything is better than this! Drill holes in my teeth, please, I beg you!

So yeah, things are good.


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