There are some things that just can’t be explained. Where did Stonehenge come from? Can water on Mars sustain life? Why is Britney Spears still selling records? Why am I still competing with old high school rivals (To my credit I have never flamed them on Facebook)?

These are all mysteries of the world and may never be explained fully or in ways we as mere humans can understand. These same types of mysterious goings-on are not just limited to world issues. Look around your desk at work, you house, in your car. The oddities of the world are closer than you think.

Case in point;


This is a pile of dirty socks living in the closet of the spare bedroom. Jason “claims” that the dog did it; that Kirby, bringer of butter and hotdogs, also like socks turned crunchy from the meat-water that Jason stands in all night at work. He of course and denies that he took them off, then threw them in the closet. Both scenarios are so possible that I have trouble believing either of them. There’s also the possibility of Sock Gnomes, the distant cousins of Underwear Gnomes.

I’m going the scratch my head over this for the rest of my life. Much like my mother did with The Case of the Missing Amway Products. We were moving from a town of 500 residents to the city where we both live now. We would finally live somewhere with a Wal-Mart and movie theater less than 45 minutes away. The downside? Mom was losing her mail order toiletry connection. Her idea was to stock up on her favorite mouthwash and soaps before we moved. As we packed her bathroom we realized that the Amway products….had disappeared!

She searched high and low and for three days but they never showed. Even after we moved and unpacked we saw neither hide nor hair. Ten years later, when mentioned, she can only say, “I have no idea where those damn things went.” She will be haunted by it for the rest of her life.

Sock-henge, you are my lifelong mystery.


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