Classic Movie Monday

This week: Harold and Maude

Alternative title: This Kid Needs to Get Laid.

This movie has one kick-ass soundtrack. It’s toe tapping, boogie in your seat kind of music. Classic 70’s pop set to the fake suicide attempts of Harold make for a mind boggling kind of juxtaposition. Not to mention his mothers calm and slightly exasperated reactions to finding her son hanging from a chandelier or shooting himself in the head with a fake pistol. It’s really the most literal definition of “black comedy” I’ve seen. Maude, his companion, is the fast driving, back talking old broad I always thought my mother will be when she was in her 70’s. Quite literally stealing cars and and getting away with it, even when the police pull her over.

Harold, with his preoccupation with dying, and Maude, with her preoccupation with living, make for a cute couple. It’s like they pulled a “Freaky Friday”. Except without a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan and a desperate-to-stay-relevant Jamie Lee Curtis.

Where did Jamie Lee go, anyway?


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