An Hommage to Myspace.

Remember when Myspace was a thing? And every other day there would be a get-to-know-you survey that you where obligated to fill out and pass on?

Me too. This is a tip of the hat to 2005.

The Mrs. A-Z

A-Age: 22

B-Bed: I used to have the same bedding as Bella Swan… Mind. Blown.

C-Chore You Hate: Vacuuming. Which is why Jason does it. Yet I love to mop…mystery.

D-Dogs: You remember Kirby.

The butter eater and hotdog bringer.
But there’s also a posse of Boston Terriers that are my moms. But I claim them as my own.

Mae, The Runt

Maggie, The Deaf-Mute

Zoe, The Fat One.

E-Evil Habit: I leave bobby pins everywhere! They fall out of pocket and litter the floor of my house, the trunk of my car, in my purse, in the washer and dryer. But I need them to live in the humidity soaked Midwest.

F-First dream job: Comedian. Or Olympic diver. It was a tie and I was five.

G-Greatest Humiliation: Best friend stole my prom date….AT the prom.

H-Height: 5’3″. I’m itty bitty.

I-Ice cream: GIMME!

J-Jealousies: My cousin-in-law who just bought a house. He and his fiance are younger than us by about three years. I think he’s a crack mule. It’s the only explanation!

K-Kindles…: ARE EVIL

L-Least favorite foods: Ham loaf and potato salad. Ick.

M-Mom: Joni Nadine

Me and Mom, Grand Canyon 2007

N-Nicknames: Jeniecey. Niecer. Sexy (Jason only)

O-Origins: Born in California, across the bay form San Francisco

P-Pet peeve: People walking on their tip-toes. Your joints will break from the stress! Stop it! Gah!

Q-Quote: “You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.” – Florence + the Machine

R-Right or left handed: Right. My mom is left. She says I do everything backwards.

S-Strengths: I’m a funny broad and I can sing. I’m not going to be on Glee anytime soon, but my shower approves.

T-Terrified of….: Heights. Thank god I’m short.

U-Underwear: I love lace boy shorts.

V-Vegetable you dislike: Not crazy about eggpant, but I’ll eat it in other things.

W-What is your dream vacation: India.  I want to see the Ganges and bring home a vial of it.

X-Xylophones, for or against: For!

Y-Youngest member of your family: My cousin Elizabeth is 12.

Z-Zoo animal: Otters! They look so happy. I would be too if I could swim and eat oysters all day.


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