Classic Movie Monday

Happy 4th! Watch lots of fireworks for me. Everyone I know is either working or out of town so I’ll be lone wolfing it at home watching old movie and eating cake with Kirby. But let’s kick things off with a movie made before 1980.

This week, “The Bad Seed”
Alternative title: “Drunk Chicks Point All the Time”

1956 CAN make scary movies after all! Long story short, child commits murder. But it’s the way Rhoda prances around with her blonde pigtails and pouffy dresses that sends shivers up your spine. Who heard of a child curtseying outside of Medieval times? It’s plain unnatural!  Not to mention the all knowing looks of superiority she gives her doubters. It’s like she knows she too clever for her own good. Too bad the only person who’s on to her looks like Slingblade and talks like Rainman. You know, like he should be on To Catch a Predator.

I can’t recommend this one enough. The last few minutes of the film say a lot about it’s audience. Or maybe the fact that I out and out shrieked will tell you something.


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