A Battle Won, A War Continues….

I got Jason to watch “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” AND “Gone With the Wind” in the same 24 hour period! He then admited, of his own free will…
“You know, I think I like old movies.”

Hallelujah! Could this mean that I get to see more Humphrey Bogart around my house rather than Jackie Chan Adventures?

God I hope so. This kid is totally screwing up my Netflix suggestions.

The whole reason we have have an Anime suggestions section is because of him and “The Last Airbender” cartoon series that he watched for two months. I’m watching things like “The Bad Seed” and “Diabolique” just to offset the chain reaction we seem to be having. Giving everything he watches a 1 star rating seems to work as well.

Maybe for every baked good I make or floor mopped I could blackmail him into watching something made before 1970.

And I did just make hamburger buns….
It’s so on.


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