Lets Blow this Popsicle Stand….

And go somewhere amazing. Like Portugal. When was the last time you heard anything from Portugal? Are they okay? Do they need money? They never come home to do their laundry anymore. I’m worried. So let’s go and check up on them. Just in case.

The world traveler in me is growing restless. Yes, I am a world traveler. I just need to see the world. Or hell, just more of the US would suffice. I have planned trips knowing I wouldn’t be going. Like my trip to Greece. Two weeks of exploring ruins, island hopping, and shouting things like “I’m smarter than Athena!” just to see if things on Mount Olympus are still hopping.

I want to go somewhere with honest to God scenery! Not the flat, corn laden lands where I reside now. Even Las Vegas has mountains forever looming in the distance. The only thing that looms here are government built windmills.
It’s time to hit the road will all my might!

Now who wants to fund me and this trip? Anyone? Hampton Court is having a flower show!
Okay, you can come too


Well, fine then.


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