Classic Movie Monday

Here’s how this works;
I watch a fabulous movie made before 1980 and talk about it. Simple, yes?

We have a restored movie theater downtown that shows classic films four days a week (I saw both “Top Hat” and “Holy Grail” there). It’s like stepping back in time with its orange and blue carpet and round, deco lighting. Each classic movie comes with a classic cartoon to start the evening. It’s one of my favorite date nights.

This week, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Or the alternative title “Daddy never hugged me, now I refuse to have sex with my hot wife”.

Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives.Or Salad dressing, perfume, and snowman. This movie made me realize that subtlety in movies is dying if not on life support. Movies nowadays are so full of allusions and setups. Slowing constructing a story from seemingly nothing doesn’t happen anymore. Could be why I love Tarantino movies; it’s as close to a climbing storyline that I’ve seen in the last 20 years. The writing is beautiful and the actress playing Big Mama hits the role of scared future-widow on the nose with a one-two punch. It’s a story jam packed with the disappointment that comes with family and each character has their own time to air grievances. For being set in a a twelve hour period a lot gets resolved.

I will say that I spent a good portion of the movie waiting for Burl Ives to break into a rendition of “Silver and Gold”. I also never realized that the man is a living snowman.


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