Yay, I saw unto you that the devil has many guises. The warm touch of a soft woman, the shine of a golden calf. The gentle wafting scent of Axe Body Spray. But today, brethern, I have a concern that far excedes all these things.

The Kindle.

Had almighty God wanted reading material to be flat and unappealing, he would have made them look like Gwyneth Paltrow. Only the most evil one would take the comfort of turning pages and the sitting in Barnes and Noble for hours on end smelling that paper pulp and coffee smell and replace it with the cold impersonal-ness of a computer screen.

I urge you to resist this most seductive of evils before it is too late.

Besides, you can’t take electronics to the pool or in the bath. That’s just a recipe for diaster.


One thought on “Blasphemy

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