Frozen Yogurt as a Turn On?

Thanks to my addiction to Stumbleupon I see about ten food blogs a day. They excite me. I like making things but never learned to sew. What’s more fun than eating the stuff you make? Quilts are hard to digest.

With summer upon me and since I only spend about 25 hours a week PSO-ing I have tons of time to spend in my kitchen listening to Julie & Julia blaring from the living room while I mix, chop, and fry.

I can follow a recipe like no ones business.
Bread, Coconut Chicken Fingers, and Frozen Yogurt were on the agenda this week. Only one has proven to be a saucy temptress…

I had a brief relationship with FroYo when I lived in Missouri. I loved TCBY and Lamberts back in the day (look at this… … then schedule your trip to any town with a location). But that was when I was five and anything with sugar was fair game (Cauliflower dipped in CoolWhip? Been there). I like to think I have a more sophisticated palette these days.

I just happened to have some yogurt hanging out in the fridge, one can of ancient evaporated milk (I think I got it from my grandma’s pantry…two years ago…which made it four years past expired), and some spare time. I brought all the ingredients to a simmer and froze it in the freezer, churning every hour or so, passing the time with Dr. Who. What came out of the freezer made me it’s bitch.
Smooth and light. Chocolatey and tangy. Oh, baby.
I had to bite my lips together to keep from finishing it off within 48 hours. It called to me. Beckoned me close. I stayed strong and made it last five whole days.

Tonight, however, will test my resolve.
Tonight, I made butterscotch frozen yogurt. After the first churn, I licked the spatula clean and wished I had graham crackers in addition to the Nutella I plan to drizzle over it.

I’m not going to make it past 10am. I can promise you that.


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