Time Warp

I know maybe three other people who love movies made before 1975 as much as I do.

It started innocently enough, with an AMC showing of “Move Over, Darling”. Back when James Garner’s face was attached to his skull. Then it was :Gone With the Wind”. Another lazy Saturday afternoon movie. The obsession lay dormant for years. It wasn’t until English 101 that I became the classics whore that I am now.

We were assigned to pick a movie and analyze the camera angles, body language, etc and decipher the message then write a paper. We were given a list of movies and my roommate only had one of them; “His Girl Friday”. I watched that movie nine times. And got an A on the paper. From then on, I couldn’t fully enjoy new releases. There was too much color and not enough subtlety. Snakes on a Plane, anyone? Nothing I could find could compare to Top Hat, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Desk Set, and, of course, Gone With the Wind.

I can get lost in these movies more than I can get lost in a good book. The language, the jokes, the expectations of the genders. Women wearing hats? The use of actual hat pins? Little white gloves? I love little white gloves!

They fascinate me and inspire me. The movies, I mean. Well, the gloves too.

Not that things were all steak and onions back then. Corsets? No epidurals? Men named  Skip and Humphrey (sorry Mr. Bogart. I loved you in Sabrina).

I want the best of both. Dressing for dinner at The Olive Garden. Talking with your neighbor over the fence then Facebooking about it.  Men in the delivery room but not naming your child Brayden or Bella or Aiden or Caiden or Taylor or Pilot Inspektor.

Oh, what a world.


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