Frosting is Not Housewife Magic.

I grew up watching my grandma cook. Mostly casserole type things that the Midwest is known for. Once in a while my mom would pop a cake in the oven for a potluck or because stressed out chicks need chocolate. What I mostly remember is Christmas time. It was like the Next Iron Chef in the kitchen from December 10th until the 24th. It was then that the uber fancy frosted cookies got made.

It was just a few months into our relationship that this conversation insued:

Jason: Whats all that for?

Jeniece: I’m making a cake.

Out of powdered sugar and butter?

Thats for the frosting.


I’m making my own frosting. It’s cheaper than buying the cans.


(empty stare)


(jaw hits floor as I realize he’s not kidding). Where did you think frosting came from?

I thought you just bought it in the cans that came from factories!

And before the mass production of food stuffs?

I don’t know, like, housewife magic. A long, hard process that no one has time to do anymore. Like making your own butter. 

So the next time someone asks you how you did something, just tell them “It’s housewife magic”.


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